1st explorations

I’ve decided I’m suffering from acronym overload!  LIS has a whole language all its own and most of it consists of acronyms.  So, not only do I have to learn a boatload of new words with their meanings, I have to learn all the lovely little acronyms that go along with the new vocab!  My poor head.  I am pulling out my old high school habits that used to be horrible, but just worked!  Rote learning at its finest: write the word, write the meaning, do it again, until its stuck up there!

Today I went to an RSS (really simple syndication), Bloglines.com, and set up an account for myself as part of my 23 Things.  My understanding is that this will allow the blogs that I am interested in following as part of my LIS blog assignment to be brought to me through this Bloglines account.  I think it will make following the LIS blogs a whole lot easier.  As an aside, I also set up a new e-mail address this week at Yahoo! as a catchall for all this new “stuff” I am trying to learn so that it doesn’t get all mixed in with my normal mail. Pretty clever, I think! 



About Barbara Gaddy

I'm an Income Property Acquistion Specialist. I guide and train new and inexperienced investors in acquiring and managing income property in order to create long-term, passive income. I also hold a Master's Degree in Library and Information Science and an Honors BA in English and American Literature. I have a business blog here: http://barbaraworks4u.blogspot.com/. This is my personal blog. I hope you enjoy it.
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One Response to 1st explorations

  1. Stephanie Race says:

    Creating a new catchall email for this was VERY CLEVER! I’ll probably share that with your classmates in the 23 Things session next week.

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