4 the record

I usually rely on MapQuest to locate addresses or get driving directions.  I decided to try GoogleMaps. 

I now have a whole new view (literally) on how to get from here to there!  First a tried local road information and took a look at my home.  Although the picture is over a year old, yep, it’s my place!  Then, I tried a long distance trip.  Since my husband is a contractor for the military and currently working for a helicopter group in Alabama, I asked for a route from here to there.  It was very, very interesting when compared with what MapQuest gave me.  First of all, there was some highway on the recommended route, but a good portion was on secondary roads.  The most interesting part of it, though, was the ability to actually get a picture of the intersections and the roads.  Wow!  Now I know what all those camera’s are doing out there!

GoogleMaps is way more fun than MapQuest.  You get all the same benefits as you can from MapQuest and a few more!  I’ll definitely use it and continue to compare it with MapQuest to see who gives me better information the next time I plan any kind of trip!


About Barbara Gaddy

I'm an Income Property Acquistion Specialist. I guide and train new and inexperienced investors in acquiring and managing income property in order to create long-term, passive income. I also hold a Master's Degree in Library and Information Science and an Honors BA in English and American Literature. I have a business blog here: http://barbaraworks4u.blogspot.com/. This is my personal blog. I hope you enjoy it.
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