Almost half way!

I can’t believe this semester is almost half way over!  I must be having fun, since time is flying!  I have another playdate with Marcella tonight, and I have the initial site on paper now.  I’ll assume we’ll start to translate my scribbles into something that I can use to fulfill my end of semester obligations for this class.

In the meantime, here are a few more sites:

This week the lesson focuses on texture, or the attempt to add depth, a third dimention to our sites.  We’ll start this blog with: This site looks interesting, a bit on the dark side, which is right up my alley, of course.  It’s been a while since it was updated and one of the links at the very top is broken (up close and personal with peeling paint), so that is not a happy sight to start with – maybe you’ll be lucky, and it will be fixed by the the time you read this and look at it.  As a personal preference, I like what they have to offer, mud and dirt and other dark matter…

The next sites: and have a bit of the “so-what?” factor.  They offer lots of photos of texture, but the sites themselves lack any texture whatsoever and just look boring.  Like I expect most surfers reacted, I didn’t stay long.   

 On to: , which is somewhat better than the last two in it’s personal appeal to me.  It has an art galllery feel which is less boring than brilliant white nothing.  However, I still like urban dirty better.  There are not nearly as many textures as the other sites offer but the textures that are offered here are unique.  Don’t love it, but I do like it.

The next two and are both worth looking over.  The first one presents some initial visual imagery right on the front page and so is quick to engage.  The second one, seems to be more intellectually based and has a lot more explanation which some of us (me) can use.  Worth the time and the imagery, once you more into the site, is really interesting!

If you’re not already suffering from information overload or there is a particular aspect of Photoshop Backgrounds or Textures you need to understand this is the site for you:  There are 40+ photoshop specific tutorials here that you can access for free and includes topics like working with textures, lighting and abstract effects, photoshop brushes and layouts in Phototshop.  Plus related topics of interest like navigtion, editing and so forth.  Some of these courses might prove themselves invaluable!  If you have the time and a copy of Photoshop – of course, if you don’t have photoshop move on!

OK, moving on now!  The next one we’ll peek at today is: makes some good points.  For example, the idea that a cartoon charater will work as well as a real person for some kinds of marketing has validity.  Costwise, a drawing is a lot less expensive than a real actor and you can create the exact look you want.  If you take note of this, you will notice the increase in cartoon characters as spokepeople all over the place.    Although this site has not seen an update in a while (2007) and some of the links are broken now, there is still sage advice for us fledlings to be found!

OK, so now take a look at .  Again, here is something for the “when I have the time” catagory.  I wish I could take all these tutorials!  There is just so much to learn while I deal with the information overload problem that is getting worse instead of better!  In any case, this site looks like yet another good resource for learning how to build and design.  So, another keeper for later!

And last one for today: has the same structure as the one you looked at above.  The article is long and requires some moving down but the images keep you going.  I also like the larger font, which makes it more inviting to me.  Lots of bright color, lots of graphs and images, big print.  What more could I ask?


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