Flash, Scripts and Editors

So here we are heading towards the end of the semester.  By May 1 I will be half way through my Master’s program.  In celebration of the mile marker, I decided to give myself a break and take the summer off this year.  I’m actually looking forward to the break followed by the fall classes I have already chosen. 

This week’s blog is focused on some Flash and script sites.  So, here we go:

Even though most of it is in a rather dull blue, the contents of http://www.flashvista.com/ is more than a little interesting.  The volume of information offered here just boggles my mind.  There are so many links to so much interesting visual and information data that you can spend hours here and still not explore the whole site.  There is even a very decent offering of tutorials, if you find yourself in need, which I am!  I don’t care for the blue, but there isn’t that move-down, move-down that drives me so nuts and all the links I’ve tried work just fine.  Good stuff.

The next item is http://www.lukamaras.com/tutorials/cool-design/hitech-floating-menu.html.  If you can tolerate the poor english and move-down, move-down, this site might be useful to you.  Poor english and move-down, move-down drive me nuts so this site lost me at the first sentence.  Then I went to find the bottom and lost all interest.  A professional editor is highly recommended.   If I need a “cool hi-tech draggable floating menu” I will ask my friend.  Enough.

The next site we’re going to peek at is: http://www.sitepal.com/  I have to say, WOW! this was instantly intriguing.   What an awesome high-impact tool this is, especially if you’re selling something on your site.  I really love this tool and can think of any number of commercial applications!

So let’s more on to some flash software.  The first item is http://www.adobe.com/products/flash/.  At first glance all I can think is that this is something every professional web designer needs!  If I were really going to become a web designer, this would be on my list of must-haves!  OH, what I could do with this!  Of course being an Adobe tool, it already goes with my Dreamweaver and Photoshop…hummmm…

Here is something that may (or may not) be something that is a worthwhile addition to your software collection.  http://wwwerain.com/Products/swift3d/ is modeling and animation software.  It appears that one can purchase it in bits and pieces or all at once.  There is a little toy and the bottom that is fairly irresistible.  It only requires one move-down and all the links work.  It is well worth further exploration if this type of software suits your needs.

http://wwwswishzone.com/index.php is immediately attention grabbing with its up-front bit of animation and audio.  After a few minutes, I had to turn the audio of, which is just a convenient little click, thank you!  This , like the two site just above is another option for creating animations, buttons, etc.  I think of this as things that move and/or make noise – attention grabbers.  There are free downloads to try it out…

So, let’s move on to some script links…

http://www.hotscripts.com/ is very pretty, I like the red and the logo, though it reminds me of Chili’s restaurants, but it leaves me puzzled.  There doesn’t really seem to be a point.  Yes, there are scripts, yes it’s a .com, so they are selling something and if you move down, there are links hither, dither and yon, but there doesn’t seem to be any explanation as to exactly what Hotscripts’ point is until you dig around and find out in the “about us” section and find the general description…strange.  Doesn’t appeal to me.  It feels like this site expects people to know what they are about before they arrive, which just might be the case.   I might look again later, but something else may suit me better.

The next item is: http://wwwsoundstageav.com/masterstudio/20050201.htm.  Unlike Hotscripts, any visitor who stumbles on this page knows instantly what soundstage is all about.  They explain themselves in their banner and start off my explaining what an MP3 is, which I think is terrific since a lot of people still don’t know.  It’s simple and clean and if you want more, the link to the homepage is at the bottom, though I wish it were at the top.

http://www.selfseo.com/story-13698.php is something that is probably useful for any designer and since there is a free download, well, what is there to lose?  Good article that answers fairly normal, common questions for those interested in streaming audio, free download – keep it!

So, that’s all for now, there will be more later this week.  See you then!


About Barbara Gaddy

I'm an Income Property Acquistion Specialist. I guide and train new and inexperienced investors in acquiring and managing income property in order to create long-term, passive income. I also hold a Master's Degree in Library and Information Science and an Honors BA in English and American Literature. I have a business blog here: http://barbaraworks4u.blogspot.com/. This is my personal blog. I hope you enjoy it.
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