Working Wiki

I find I like Wikis.  Again, the unfamiliarity with the unknown had me initially intimidated prior to the start of the module.  Of course, there was no choice, I paid a lot money for this stuff, so I had to learn it.  As with most of this semester’s modules, once I got into it, it was no problem, and I actually liked it.  I would by no means say that I am 100% confident, but I would not hesitate to do another Wiki.  I think it’s a useful tool for any situation where information must be presented.  The drawbacks of the Wikis is that they are unmoving, quiet ways of presenting information and therefore very appropriate for venues such as Wikipedia.  There is no flash and bang or independent movement like one finds in apps like Prezi.  So it may be unappealing for many applications, especially where there is an attempt to attract and keep audience attention.

Our group (the portion of the group that actually participated in the project) used the Wiki for book reviews, and I find it was well-suited.  initially we bounced around the idea of presenting basic instructions on the tools we were learning this semester and that might have also worked out fine, but at this point, we’ll never know.



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