I voted today

I voted today, for the first time.  Interesting how that makes me feel.  I have lived here since I was 7 years old and, except for a short time when I was 19, have always lived in the United States.  I married American, raised a couple of upstanding American men, have an American education, and over-all, I sound and act like an American.  I carry the standard center-right American philosophy, and I vote after careful research, without the left’s emotional response, for the best candidate.  I look at each candidate with a critical eye, not for how much I “like” them but for how good I think they will be at filling the job that I am paying them to do.  Since they all make more money than I do, I feel like they should do an excellent job.  If they don’t satisfy me and do the job as expected, I will vote to fire them next time.  I am conservative and believe in the American way of self-reliance and limited government.  I am proud that my husband and I earn our own way and do not expect our neighbors, who have been lucky enough to keep their jobs in this rotten economy, to pay for a lack of initiative on our part.  I have always felt like an American and love this country and all that it stands for, but I was born in Canada.  I had one of those old green cards that never expired, so I never bothered to change my status.   After all, there are an unbelievable amount of illegal aliens living here getting more benefits from American taxpayers than many American citizens, so what did it matter?

What happened to bring me here today, you ask?

I’ll tell you.  One day, I was complaining…yep, like just about everyone else, and was told that if I didn’t like it, I should vote or shut up.  I thought, one little vote doesn’t matter, does it?  And I can’t vote anyway, so would it matter?  Was the process of becoming an American citizen worth the gain? All the paperwork and money and interviewing and swearing in…yadda, yadda… But my family encouraged and supported the process.  So I walked the walk and jumped through the hoops, and I voted today, for the first time.

I find that it really does matters.  I now have a right to my voice and am not only encouraged to use it, but thanked when I do.  Nice.

I am proud to say that I voted today.  It’s a milestone in my life that is many years later than it could have been.  I will vote again in November, and I will vote whenever the polls are open.  I will speak, and I will vote unemotionally and thoughtfully with care for whomever I think will do the right thing to honor the trust I place in them, and I will be American for as long as I live.


About Barbara Gaddy

I'm an Income Property Acquistion Specialist. I guide and train new and inexperienced investors in acquiring and managing income property in order to create long-term, passive income. I also hold a Master's Degree in Library and Information Science and an Honors BA in English and American Literature. I have a business blog here: http://barbaraworks4u.blogspot.com/. This is my personal blog. I hope you enjoy it.
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One Response to I voted today

  1. petra says:

    I am so proud of you. Yes Barbara, one vote does matter. It always will. You have now joined the ranks of not just talking about it but doing it! ’bout frickin time! Yes we lost you to America. Their gain, our loss.
    love you very much!
    way to go dear cuz!

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